The Proof is in Our Testing!

For over 5 years running, Arizona Sky Shades has been conducting extensive product testing at the Southwest Building Science Super Lab located in Phoenix, Arizona. This facility is one of the premiere training and testing labs for building energy efficiency in the United States. Our product evaluations at the Super Lab have allowed us to conduct real life environmental testing of not only our shade systems, but also side by side comparisons with other commercially available skylight shades and sun covers. Studies and testing consistently display a typical 10 degree Fahrenheit cooling at the interior of a skylight with the addition of a Sky Shade. The Sky Shade is lightweight, durable, rugged, effective, great looking, and the installation will not affect skylight manufacturers’ warranties.

To download proof from the Super Lab and other testing locations, please click on one of the links below.

….and some fun field development!

….and some great customer reviews!

Evening Skylight Shades in Scottsdale, AZ
John Brooks Inc. worked with Arizona Sky Shades recently to install nearly 40 shade structures over our skylights, and I can say that we are elated at the results! The showroom is noticeably cooler, and the diffused light passing through the shades is extremely comfortable on the eyes. We enjoy our skylights of “free” and natural lighting, as it showcases our custom furniture, our fabrics, and wallcoverings in their truest colors, and now we can couple that with lower electric bills and cooler temperatures in our warehouse!
They were very easy to work with, and the shades they created for us are visually attractive as well as incredibly functional -as we can definitely see (and feel) after the install.
We will absolutely, recommend Arizona Sky Shades without reservation, to any company or person who is thinking about using their services.
Shane, John Brooks, Inc.
Our FL Model Skylight Shade
Enthusiastic 5 stars!!! We got new Velux skylights hoping for less heat and increased efficiency. While they are beautiful, they did not serve the purpose we had hoped. Needing less glare and heat, we started to research our options. A contractor who did an energy audit on our home recommended Arizona Sky Shades. I called up the owner, Curtis, who was very knowledgeable and friendly. We had him out the next day. He explained the product he created- a screen that sits a few inches above the skylight to allow for airflow and cooling. The fabric is durable with a great warranty. I asked how they don’t blow off in monsoons, and Curtis explained the testing and modifications they have made so this won’t happen. We had them made and installed in a few days. Let me tell you- they are a SPECTACULAR product. The heat is gone and our electric bill is lower. They are beautiful and take nothing away from the view. They were a fraction of what other comparable products cost. We are so happy, thank you!!
Lola, Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento Sky Shades Testing
Just installed 4 skyshades and we love them. Curtis is very helpful and great to work with. Summer heat in Sacramento is a problem for us and the Skyshade is going to make it so we still have light and protect us from the heat. We’ll know more next summer. tks again for the great product.
Ted, Sacramento, CA
The shades have performed as expected so far. Good reduction of sunlight and no wind issues. They installed easily and look good. Anyone who sees them is complementary. Also, thanks for all the personnel attention and for the efficient shipping.
R.D., Texas

I am a big fan of the Sky Shades installed on my sky lights. It made a noticeable difference in the temperature in that room. They are an elegant solution to the thermal load through sky lights. Sky Shades are effective and economic.

Steve, Phoenix, AZ

After realizing that our kitchen was significantly hotter than the rest of the house because of heat gain from our Velux skylight, we started researching solar shades on-line.  Arizona Sky Shades was the only company of those that we contacted that got back to us promptly and then followed through at every step.  We live in Northern California, so the shipping was a significant part of the purchase price, but, even so, it was worth it.  We noticed a difference in the inside temperature from the first day the shade went up.  Their product is simple, but effective, and was easy to install.  We highly recommend Arizona Sky Shades if you are looking to become more energy efficient, save money and enjoy a cooler indoor environment.

K.A., Cloverdale, CA