Skylight Shade Solutions Developed by Building Energy Experts!

Building energy experts

We are an Arizona Company,

built on providing energy efficient products and savings techniques for residential homeowners and commercial building properties. We’ve performed hundreds of energy usage assessments and it’s during this process we discovered how much heat is really generated by the everyday skylight. The skylight is a fantastic building component that allows for natural and free toplighting which has been proven to reduce artificial light loads, increase sales in commercial applications, and contribute to an overall healthy and positive interior building environment. However, skylights also introduce and incredible amount of heat gain along with the natural light. Arizona Sky Shades patented system suspends the shading device, above the surface of the skylight lens, providing maximum shading and cooling, avoiding any potential skylight manufacturer warranty issues.

We are building our Sky Shade energy relationships!

Our Sky Shade testing continues at the SWBSTC in Phoenix, AZ and we are founding members of Efficiency Frist AZ. We are also Trade Ally partners with both APS a