Arizona Sky Shades offers well designed options to fit your skylight solar shading needs:

  • Savings Payback is Typically less then 2 Years! A Skylight can significantly increase summer cooling costs and adding Sky Shades can reduce energy expenses!
  • Sky Shades Do Not Void Warranties. Some shade competitor applications only drape over the lens of the skylight and could actually void your warranty. There are other shades that can raise the lens surface temperature so much that it can result in possible lens failure, leaking or cracking.
  • Residential and Commercial!  Arizona Sky Shades save money and help improve comfort, while maintaining effective levels of daylighting.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain, Durable, Tested, Made in the USA!  Typical installation is quick and the Sky Shade can easily be removed for skylight maintenance and wintertime solar heat gain. Sky Shades allow for constant cooling air flow. Tested in laboratory conditions in Phoenix. Made in Arizona!

Our Original HD Shade

The HD Sky Shade is the foundation for our patented skylight shade system. The rigid frame configuration is light weight and durable, easy to install and removable for skylight maintenance. Tested and proven in the harsh Phoenix desert environment.

Original HD Sky Shade for domed skylights

KD Shade for Easy Shipping

The KD Sky Shade was developed to allow for easy and economical shipping to anywhere the sun shines! The collapsible frame system still maintains all the performance considerations of our HD shade. Easy to assemble and install. Durable and proven, even at the NPR-West Studio in California!

KD model Sky Shade skylight shade